6 myths on personal development

I read a lot of misconceptions recently on some of the personal development websites- Learning-Bridge, Localresumes and me wanted to discuss it with you. You should know and make your own opinion on certain beliefs. What do you think?

Myth # 1
Time heals all wounds. This is not necessarily true. To avoid drowning, you must kick and hands out of the water surface. It is the same with your wounds. We must face them and look at everything in a different perspective: the past may explain this but should not define it. Stop looking at what happens in the mirror and start taking action . Because in all of us, there is a bit of bravery. Just look it up and move forward.

Myth # 2
Be yourself . What people think should not influence your personality, of course. Stay strong, be yourself!. Be friendly but keep always the truth if you want us to respect your opinion.

Myth # 3
Happiness is up to you. It comes first from you. If you are unable to live with yourself, you will seek constantly to fill the void inside of you with an external source. You only need one person to be happy: YOU. Anyone who tells you another thing is either: 1. A Guru who wants your money 2. A woman or a man who wants your money 3. a bank that wants your money. If you do not have money, they want something else ). Happiness (love) is a bonus , but not always necessary. Yes, friends contribute to happiness, but if you are not happy with yourself first, you are as dependent on external sources to be happy. What will become of you if they disappear? Interdependence, yes, addiction, no.

Myth # 4
By comparison, they console themselves. “Each sheep in a herd looks like the other one “: this is a popular saying that wants to tell that some people because of their attitudes or their failures, their common mistakes disappear into the crowd. Each chromosome is different; but your personality and your attitude are similar to others. You are therefore different by default. No need to yell, tip dye your hair purple or do something crazy to distinguish yourself. Stop comparing yourself, work on your self.

Myth # 5
Think before you act. When you think too much, you forget to live the present moment. The action takes place NOW, whether for eating, reading, chatting with a friend, play ping-pong …
Although sometimes is necessary to think carefully before doing something. Certainly, to invest money, better think. For the rest, let yourself go down the river. It is better to enjoy it slowly

Myth # 6
Without friends, you are nothing.We need the help of others, this is normal, but keep asking help from others to solve problems is not rigth. You are stronger than you might think.

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Turning a Rough Draft into a Final Copy

When it comes to writing essays for college, you will inevitably come across the process of turning a rough draft into a final copy. This involves a lot of editing, writing, reading, and rewriting, but it is what has to happen to ensure that your work is up to pr. Some people go through 20 drafts before they get to the right one and others just tweak the first before submission. It just depends on how well you established a starting point. Here are some tips to help you go from the first stage to the final stage of essay writing as smoothly as possible.

Wait a Day before You Edit

Some people jump immediately into the editing process after they have written a rough draft. This is not a good idea. Editing takes time, which is why you cannot rush good essay writing.  You have to go through the steps necessary to get the project finished correctly. If you leave the essay and come back to it the next day, you will be able to look at it from a fresh pair of eyes. You will not read it in a way that suits your thought process. You will read it like an outsider. That will give you the best perspective into the changes that need to be made. Take at least an hour pause before every round of edits so that you don’t skim over blatant mistakes in your writing.

Assess the Flow of the Writing

One of the biggest problems that people have trouble with is writing with a logical flow. If you do not have a sense of fluidity to your essays, you will not get a good grade on them. Period. College professors like to see coherent thoughts that transition from one to the next with ease. If people cannot progress through your writing without pausing to figure out where they are, you need to rethink what you have to say. This will make you a better writer and a better thinker in the end.


Make Sure All the Points Are There

When I was in college, I remember always turning in papers and then remembering that I forgot to add something afterward. It may have been a resource that I wanted to use or a point that I really wanted to make. Don’t fall into the same trap I did. Go through your essay prompt and make sure that you address every single criterion that happens to be on there. If you’re missing something or you have not taken a certain topic far enough, edit before the final copy so that you can get the best grade possible or the most essay scholarships possible.

Get a Second Opinion

It is always a good idea to have someone else read over your writing before your professor does. That way you can get feedback from someone who doesn’t know what you “meant to write.” You may think that you addressed a point perfectly in your writing, but someone else may think that it wasn’t clear at all. If you get a second opinion, you can correct all of those little errors before they come up in your grading. You can get a second opinion from a peer, another professor, a friend, or anyone else that is willing to provide you with some constructive criticism. As long as you take the advice as feedback and not hatred, you should be able to make the adjustments you need for the perfect final draft. This all takes time, but it is well worth the A you get from it in the end.


Why Should You Consider a European Cruising Holiday?

In this tough economy, going on vacation is considered a luxury that would necessitate many people to sacrifice some of their comforts just to pay for. There are even some who would save for several years just to go on a holiday to one destination.


Fortunately, with so many vacation options available today, you do not have to save for half of your life to visit all the European countries you want to see because you can simply sign up for one of many cruise holidays. Indeed, through a leisurely sea voyage, you can reach fantastic destinations by paying only once. To help you see why this is a viable option, take a look at these reasons.


Comfortably Luxurious


It is a popular notion that going on European cruise holidays is the embodiment of high-class getaway. And it is, indeed! Ships offer lots of entertainment to all passengers, from wading pools to dance clubs, and from massage parlours to saunas. All of these are provided for your enjoyment and relaxation. In other words, you are simply being pampered luxuriously while sailing to the many destinations you have signed up for.


Amazingly Exotic


Who says that only Asia and South America are alluring locations? While that is true, Europe also has its own to boast of. For instance, the Kvarner Islands in Croatia is one of a fascinating destinations in this continent. Comprising of four islands, each offering unique highlights, this place is one of the few in the world where you can still find a beach deserted despite a day of hot weather. Not only that. If you include the United Kingdom in your cruise package, you will also be amazed at the historically rich castles, bearing stories of princes and princesses or of dukes and duchesses.


Surprisingly Affordable


Although going on a holiday cruise across the European continent is considered a grand thing that only the affluent can afford, it is actually less expensive to go on one than going there by plane or bus. It is true that restaurants and hotels are quite expensive, but that you do not have to worry about when you sail. Cruise ships offer shore excursions that lets you tour the different cities and then come back when it is night time. So you get to see the Big Ben, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the Eiffel Tower without actually spending the night in the city.

Now that you know the reasons, you should strongly consider this option. Not only will you get to reduce the vacation cost, you also get to visit interesting locations in one go. Plus, you get to have a great time while sailing on board.

Travel Guide: Slovenia

I get very upset at people who don’t know where Slovenia is, and at people who think it is a poor, eastern-block country. Slovenia is none of the above, and is truly one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.


With a population of just under 2 million, Slovenia is tiny in comparison to most European countries. Yet this little country has as much, if not more, to offer.


From its very short coastline, Slovenia’s climate changes from a temperate sub–mediterranean to a chillier alpine climate in the north. In the winter of 2003/2004 I went from around 10°C on the coast to minus 15°C in the Julian Alps, all in just a two-hour drive. A perfect example of the country’s versatility.
There are not many places in the world where you could bask in the sun in the morning, and go skiing in the afternoon. On the flip side, Slovenia enjoys basking hot summers in both these climates. The ski resorts in the Alps become a sun-baked mecca for the hiker, climber, river rafter etc… The beautiful alpine valley of Bohinj comes alive with summer sports and activities. Slovenia’s two most famous lakes, Bled and Bohinj, are another perfect example of the extreme climate. In winter the lakes nearly always freeze, and walking and ice skating are among the many popular past times. But in summer the lakes are heated up to the point where they are warm enough for swimming.


As well as this, there are the extensive cave systems of the Karst region between the coast and the capital, Ljubljana. In this area you will also find vineyards, where some of the best wine around is made (and kept mostly in slovenia, so make sure you buy it during your visit).


The capital, Ljubljana, is small, but it’s packed with wonderful sites, great places to eat and drink, and is just a short trip away from many other places. The Kamnik Alps lie just 30kms (20 miles) from the centre. From most locations in the city you can see the mountains that surround it on a clear day. The best view is from the castle perched on a hill just overlooking the old town.


The east of Slovenia is less mountainous, but still has much to offer. Ptuj is one of the oldest and prettiest town, alongside Maribor. It may be less mountainous, but there are still ski resorts.

If all the travelling has tired you out, then check into one the many Terme (spa resorts) dotted around the country, (one of the biggest being in the east) and heal your aching bones in the natural healing thermal waters.

As the saying goes, ‘good things come in small packages’. And Slovenia certainly lives up to that saying.

Tips For Selecting Charter Yachts For Outstanding Panama Sailing Trips

The distance between you and one of the best Panama Sailing Trips is the kind of yawl you will charter. The vessel will be your home, your transportation means and the ultimate source of fun. Most people do not have any experience dealing with ships. Chartering for yacht may seem an uphill task. However, with proper guidance, you will have the best pleasure boat for a great time on the seas.

Before you commence the search for a boat, you should establish some facts that will guide you in the process. For example, determine whether it is a joint or single adventure. The bottom-line here is that you should have a specific number of the people who will be on board. Furthermore, you should determine the number of days you will be leasing the yacht.


The law has it that small yachts should not have more than twelve visitors on board. In case you plan to be more than twelve on a small boat, then register it with SOLAS. These are maritime directives, which are meant to ensure your safety on the seas. Alternatively, you should consider leasing a larger that is already in line with the SOLAS regulations. This is if your number is going to be great.


It is recommended that you think over all your needs as you scrutinize the charter yachts. They should fit all your requirements. Various couples on board should have a ship that has suites not placed next to each other. The walls are not that soundproof. Activities like watching TV are likely to agitate the sleeping neighbors. Those with kids will fancy suites placed next to other small ones for the children.


It is important that you evaluate the qualifications of the chef to determine what they specialize in. You should be sure that they can prepare meals that are to your liking. This is even more important when you are having kids or people with special needs on board. You should ensure that the cook can cater for their requirements as well. You should not have malnourished kids at the end of the excursion.


The same way you will require a realtor when buying a house, you might also need a charter broker. This expert will come in handy when you are making plans with your budget. They are in a better position to give you credible counsel since they have more knowledge regarding charter yachts. For instance, they will assist you comprehend other charges like fuel.


Yet again, the yacht should be properly outfitted to handle all types of special requirements. A good example of a special requirement is kids. You can never restrict them from exploring their childhood playful nature. A boat fitted with security rails all round is what you should prefer. The cabin crew should also be well experienced in handling kids.


A good number of big charter yachts are constructed with helipads for helicopters. They are used to transport the crew from the shore and back. They can handy in crisis like sickness.


Enjoy your activities with these tips!

What Are The Primary Roles Of Travel Agents

In any industry, there are some people who can be of help to anyone and it is also the same in the traveling industry. The ones who work hard in order for people to have safe trips are called the Illinois travel agents. They are known as the organizers of the things needed by a traveler. Before, obtaining some tickets for traveling was quite difficult especially those planer and train tickets.

However, these days this has totally made a turning point. This is because there have been several websites that offer booking services. People can now easily perform a few clicks while they are in their offices, homes or even with the use of their cell phones so that they can book their flights. With all the advances in technology, the services offered by an agent are still beneficial especially to those individuals who do not have any experience in traveling.

Agencies that are focus on traveling are the ones that employ these agents. These agencies provide traveling service to clients. Meanwhile, some of the agents are also allowed to work without any agency. The handling of other things is also tackled by these experts. They can earn money as they take a percentage of the total cost of each trip that they closed.